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December 26, 2009
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Merry Christmas by ShadowDemon101 Merry Christmas by ShadowDemon101
I may be a day late but that's better than a week right? :dummy:

MY GOD MY HAND HURTS. DX Srlsy I've been working on this for some time now so if you wondering where I been, here's yer answer =w=;;
Ugh sorry but icky shading is ICKY! XP
But this is my group xmas pic <3 I inculded as many ppl I knew well enough into it but if you arent in there, don't take it personally OK? At best I dont really know you that well or never really chatted with you or I simply forgot; I tend to do that too I'm only human^^;

Now let's play Who's Who! :dummy: From the tree top:

:iconblackcatwhitestar: putting the star while :iconpiratenikki: realizing just how big the tree actually is, :icont-m-n-t: freaking out over dropping her ornament while :iconkiananuva12: and :iconkokooro: wondering why she freaking, :iconvanessahedgecat: trying not to fall outta the tree after barely dodging the ornament while :iconautogirl: freaks about to save her and :iconartoni: and :iconlepahybrid: wonder why she is freaking, :iconusa-wolfdog: pulling on :iconflareblade2000: three tails I pretty sure she gained three unless I lost it OwO;; to stop her from falling as she saves the angel ornament, :icontigerchicktigriss: happily putting up her end of the streamer, :iconaruluvr3: happily putting up her ornament, :iconwolvesandavatar: either wondering why she put here or if the streamer is in the right spot, :iconpitchblackrose:Jackie laughing at :iconpitchblackrose:Mikayla who got hit in the head by Mittie's ornament, which then hit :iconimperialknight:'s helmet until :icondnlnamek01: catches it, :iconneochimeria: wondering why she laughing while :iconrin-chan93: is giggling b/c she saw what happened to Mikayla, :iconmaya-chan: telling :iconpeppykitty: where to put the ornament while :iconduetmaxwell: notices Flare n Usa, :iconkianton: and :icontempests-aria:J-squared happilly putting up their ornaments, :iconprefight-donut: putting up her end of the streamer happily as :iconnichan: and :iconmorosaki: are chating about their end of it, :icond-nightrain: on the ladder giving an ornament to :iconjinosan:, :iconinferno044: handing another ornament to :iconscreammachinexx:, :iconsanityoutthewindow: waiting for :iconlady-warrior: to toss up her ornament, :iconty-chou: telling :iconbloodychaser: where to place the end of the streamer, :iconmsd-dutch: hanging upside-down over :iconsw124: and :icongingagirl86: who're moving a box of decorations with :iconnortstar: who's next to them in the hat, :iconflashhedgehog: in the box holding a little TMNT ornament, :iconfangirl-of-doom2: and :icongaby264: wondering what :iconconstraticron:'s comment about too much decorations, :iconsparklesofdoom: and :icontokyo333: plugging the xmas lights in, and finally :iconkage-angel02: at the bottom of the ladder looking out to the side to :iconlegaspplz: What's this? Santa Shades and her right-handed elf Migi?! :dummy:

lol yeah that's it XD;; Erm...sorry if I messed you up OK? Again, I'm only human^^; besides I just took the same ppl from the group pic I did last year and added more :meow:

Aaaaaaaand now am sleepy so g'night ppl! :blowkiss::faint:

Everyone (C) themselves
Artowrk (C) ME. :fuzzydemon:

PS - lol yeah, download for better-looking picture kay? =w=;; please and thank you~:heart:
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awww Good..this is so cute!!!
Thanks soooo much for adding me! XD
Merry Christmas (>>'' oh! im too late sorry =_='';)
Awwww yay am glad you like it! >w<
Well course I had to add you silly :giggle: I put in every friend I could think off <3
LOL awwww no no! :hug: Merry Late Christmas to you too ;p [Better late than never right? <3]
Constraticron Dec 31, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Lolz. If I would have been here, I would have said which of my OCs to use, but... you know... the grinch likes to fuck things up that way.
Lol, my hair is also double that length.
Aww no worries so long as you like it I'm OK <3
Oooo really? lol I just assumed yer look from an old comic Mittie had about her Prime ears :giggle:
Constraticron Jan 1, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I noticed, lol.
Heehee but you like it right? :D
Constraticron Jan 1, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh yeah, I like it.
Thanks for including me!
YAY! :dummy: Heehee no problem I had to include every friend I could think of! >w<
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